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LISC Fall Open 2016
LISC Fall Open 2016
LISC Badminton Clinic at THHS
LISC Badminton Clinic
LISC Fall Open 2016
LISC Winter Jr. Open 2017
LISC Badminton Group Training
LISC Badminton Group Training
LISC Badminton Group Training
LISC Badminton Group Training

Long Island Sports Center (LISC) is New York City's premier badminton facility for junior group and private trainings, adult group and private trainings, training camps, professional players, recreational play, and tournaments.  With approximately 25,000 square feet of space, 33 feet high ceilings, and climate controlled facility, Long Island Sports Center offers the paramount badminton facility in Long Island and the greater NYC area for year-round badminton play.  We are equipped with a total of eight (8) Badminton World Federation (BWF) and Victor tournament approved court mats. Our Victor and BWF tournament-grade mats are laid on top of high quality athletic flooring system.  These badminton court mats are durable and anti-slip, provides stability, absorbs shock, and provides good bounce that enhances a player's jumping ability and speed.  


Badminton is the world’s fastest racket sport.  The shuttlecock can travel at speeds over 200 mph, making it one of the most exciting sports to play and watch due to the flight characteristics of the shuttlecock combined with the pace created by constant rallying. Badminton is an Olympic sport with five events: men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed doubles.  Badminton and table tennis are now among the varsity sports in New York City Public Schools Athletic League. More than 30,000 students from over 200 schools participate and compete in the league.  In Long Island schools, badminton has been offered in high school sports leagues for many years. There is a lot of demand for badminton - the up and coming school children who are looking to play competitive badminton but are lacking the facility, and the overwhelming adult population who are constantly on the search for a larger space to play. As a result, LISC badminton facility was created primarily for the school children and the rest of the Long Island/New York City Community.


At high levels of play, especially in singles, the sport demands excellent fitness: players require aerobic stamina, agility, explosive strength, speed and precision. It is also an extremely mental and technical sport, requiring good motor coordination and the development of sophisticated racquet movements. In a typical match players cover nearly every inch of the court and can travel several miles in the process. 


Father and son Allen and Andy are two perfect examples that highlight the adult and junior aspects of this sport.  Allen has been playing badminton in NYC and has competed in national, regional, and local tournaments within the last 25 years.  He is a well known badminton player and is recognized by many players in the New York City area. Similarly, Andy has also been playing great badminton as he grew up watching his father play, which sparked his interest in the sport.  Andy participated in his first Junior Tournament when he was 7 years old, and still travels to different US states to compete today.  Allen possesses a great deal of knowledge and experience in Junior badminton as he travels with Andy for his tournaments. He understands the struggles that New York kids face and sees the challenges in improving their badminton skills. The limited number of badminton courts with poor floor quality is an obvious disadvantage that New York kids face compared to other kids from the West Coast, where badminton facilities are abundant. Hence, the exciting sport of badminton needs to be more heavily promoted in the East Coast to increase participation and popularity.


Practice, training, recreational play, competitive games, and tournaments will be held here.  Please see our opening hours on our home page.  All badminton players  are required to wear badminton/non-marking shoes only.  Badminton shoes are available for purchase or rental at our on site pro shop.  We are also now taking all Yonex and Victor pre-ordering requests. In addition, all players who participate in badminton at Long Island Sports Center are required to fill out a waiver form.  Please print/sign the waiver at home and bring it with you on your first visit or inquire from the front desk reception when you arrive at the facility.   



Group Training


Long Island Sports Center provides group training for children, juniors, and adults. In group training, the students would be divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced groups. In each group, they'll be taught by our professional coaches. Our coaches will train each group differently according to their level, which includes footwork, jump roping, agility, wall sitting, running, and many other strength building activities. While students are training, they will be able to develop on their teamwork, cooperation with others, skills, strength, and stamina.  This will help players gain confidence and gradually build competitiveness to ultimately participate and compete in badminton tournaments.  Please visit our Training page for more information on Group Trainings.



Private Training 


For those who are willing to train harder and compete at a higher level, we offer private training to children, juniors and adults. Private training is challenging and rigorous 1 hour one on one training instructed by our professional coaches. It includes everything there is in group training and more. Students will learn a combination of badminton techniques to improve individually and compete at a higher level.  Some of the techniques taught include jump smashing, clears, more running and jumping, practice, and constant repetition. Our coaches will closely monitor students progress and identify their strengths and weaknesses.  After such intense training, these students will become the great player they should be from such hard work and effort.  Private training is ideal for children and up and coming juniors to build a solid foundation early on so they can participate and compete in junior national tournaments in the Northeast region, across the country, and beyond.  Please visit our Training page for more information on Private Trainings.



Reserving Badminton Courts


Long Island Sports Center offers large groups the abiity to reserve our Badminton World Federation (BWF) approved badminton courts.  Please call or email us in advance to reserve a badminton court. Badminton court reservation fees are charged per hour per court, with a maximum of eight (8) players per court.  Court reservations must be confirmed and paid 24 hours in advance. Rates  are subject to changes without notice.

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