1. Participants must check-in/scan membership card/pay at the Long Island Sports Center (LISC) reception front desk counter when enterting the facility and before participating in any sports activities at LISC.


2. Participants are required to sign the LISC waiver of liability release form prior to participating in any sports activities.


3. Paying the guest ‘Walk-in’ fee enables to guest to enter and use the LISC facility as a guest until he/she leaves the facility. There is absolutely NO free “re-entry”.


4. Badminton gum rubber sole shoes ONLY are allowed on the badminton courts/ping pong courts/indoor soccer pvc mats. No bare feet/flip flops/hiking shoes/high heels allowed on the badminton court mats/ping pong mats/indoor soccer pvc mats.

5. 20-Minute court rotation rule is enforced at all times. Maximum 3 hours of play of play for all walk-in players only. After 3 hours is up, you must pay $16 again or punch card again at the front desk for additional playing time. No court belongs to anybody, unless you pay the hourly reservation fee to book a court. When an LISC official enters to inform players to exit the court and take a 20-minute rest, all players MUST adhere to the LISC court policy and allow new players/members to enter your court for the next 20-minute rotation play.  During peak hours, LISC reserves the right to reserve at least three-four (3-4) badminton courts for trainings.

6. All badminton or table tennis court reservations are for the use of all players, and not to be used for private trainings by outside parties except by LISC head coaches and assistant coaches. 


7. No food or drink other than water and sports drinks in closed plastic containers, are permitted on the badminton courts. Members and guests are responsible for any damage to the badminton courts for any damage to the mats if they violate this policy. All types of food, canned/glassed drinks, coffee, and tea must be consumed in the lobby area only.


8. All Long Island Sports Center pro shop merchandises, stringing services, and membership plans are non-refundable/non-exchangeable.


9. Absolutely NO smoking, NO illegal drugs, NO animals, and NO weapons in the facility or near the LISC premises. Anyone who violates this policy will be required to leave the LISC premises immediately without refund and may be banned from entering the LISC premises in the future.


10. Children under the age of 12 must be under adult supervision at all times.


11. LISC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


12. Participants should not use any piece of the gym equipment without prior knowledge or instruction. Participants should ask LISC staff on how to use new or unfamiliar equipment.


13. Participants agree to conduct themselves in a quiet and well-mannered fashion when in the Center and not engage in loud, disturbing language. Harassment and offensive behavior is NOT allowed.


14. Participants shall not conduct, purchase or subscribe to any commercial business or activity on Center premises or solicit other participants without the Center’s prior written consent. Under no circumstances shall participants interfere with the Center’s conduct of its business.

15. Long Island Sports Center (LISC) may excuse the coach to accompany students to a limited number of major tournaments in the region. The coach's cost, including but not limited to transportation, meals, and lodging shall be borne by the students and their parents/guardians.



Walk-In Rules/Policies