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Visit our on-site pro shop to purchase badminton rackets, apparel, shoes, accessories, table tennis paddles, ping ong balls, and other sports items. We are now taking all Yonex, Victor, and Butterfly pre-ordering requests.


Long Island Sports

Center is proud to announce that we are the largest New York badminton and table tennis sports facilty retailer of Yonex, Victor, and Butterfly in the Northeast.

Please visit us at our on-site Pro Shop. We are now also taking all Yonex, Victor, and Butterfly pre-ordering requests via email, phone, or on-site visit.

Yonex Badminton Rackets


Voltric Series:

Just In!!! Voltric Z Force II Lee Chong Wei Limited Edition! The thinnest shaft ever and improved TRI VOLTAGE SYSTEM enhances smash energy. Get yours today while supplies last!

Nanoray Series:

Arcsaber Series:

Muscle Power & B Series: Ideal for Beginners & Intermediate Players 

Duora Series: NEW

Yonex Badminton Footwear


Yonex Sports Bags

Yonex Racket Grips

Badminton Shuttlecocks


Victor Badminton Rackets


Victor Badminton Footwear



Butterfly Ping Pong Balls

Victor Badminton Shuttlecocks


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