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Group Training


Long Island Sports Center (LISC) offers group training for juniors ages 5 and up, adults, and seniors. In group training, students would be divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced, and elite groups. In each group, they'll be taught by our professional coaches. Our coaches will train each group differently according to their level, which includes footwork, jump roping, agility, wall sitting, running, and many other strength building activities. Our students will gain invaluable teamwork, cooperation skills, strength, and stamina.  This will help players gain confidence and gradually build competitiveness to participate and compete in badminton tournaments.  To register, please call or email us at to enroll.



Private Training 


For those who are willing to train harder and compete at a higher level, we also offer private trainings. Private training is challenging and rigorous 1 hour one on one training instructed by our professional coaches. It includes everything there is in group training and more. Students will learn a combination of badminton techniques to improve individually and compete at a higher level.  Some of the techniques taught include jump smashing, clears, more running and jumping, practice, and constant repetition. Our coaches will closely monitor students progress and identify their strengths and weaknesses.  After such intense training, these students will become the great player they should be from such hard work and effort.  Private training is ideal for up and coming juniors to build a solid foundation early on so they can participate and compete in high school, junior national tournaments in the Northeast region, across the country, and beyond.  To register, please call or email us at to enroll.


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